Don’t create new challenges due to incomplete planning, processes, and strategies

“49% of millennial and ‘Gen Z’ workers would consider quitting if their employers weren’t flexible about remote work.”

Bloomberg Business

“74 % of professionals now expect remote work to become standard.”

Harvard Business Review

“Hybrid work models are used by 63% of high-growth companies.”


A Qualified Hybrid-Work Consultant Can Identify the Risks in YOUR Organization

  • We can identify blind spots: We understand the full scope of what needs to be evaluated and how to best address it for your organization
  • We know where to look and what to look for: We are aware of the typical challenges and risks
  • We know what’s available: We are well-versed in integrating proven solutions
  • We take the organization’s needs into consideration: We provide solutions tailored to individual client needs
  • We can get the job done: We provide a clearly defined and lean process to deliver results effectively and with minimal disruption

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New Business Improvements

The global hybrid/ remote experiment has provided rich data on short-term benefits for:


  • Improved talent/skill acquisition/retention
  • Preferred work options = happy employees
  • New work-culture evolution
  • Reduced overhead
  • New profitability
  • New competitiveness


  • Freedom and flexibility
  • Cost and time savings from reduced commuting
  • Choice of work location
  • Increased employer choices
  • Reduced in-office distractions (walk-ins, conversations, impromptu meetings)
  • Improved mental and physical health
  • Reduced stigma from “working at home” – a normalized practice
  • Work / life balance
  • Comfortable and personalized environment


    • Employee flexibility / location can result in better service / faster response times
    • Reduced overhead can mean lower costs for customers / clients
    • A service model that is built to incorporate a hybrid / remote work model is often a more comprehensive, robust and improved experience for customers/clients

Addressing Challenges

Many organizations simply looked at IT solutions and while everyone involved was largely supportive of an instantaneous move to remote work, long-term and overlooked risks have been identified including:

  • Organizations:
    • Gaps in policies & processes 
    • Inadequate or absent HR and employee performance management monitoring
    • Technology & tools that serve the needs of both management and staff e.g. reliable internet
    • Security (both IT and IP)
    • Gaps in management & collaboration (projects, services, staff)
    • Losing impromptu brainstorming and ideation opportunities
    • Eroding employee engagement and culture
    • Not all employees succeed or flourish in a remote environment
    • Operating in uncharted territory


    • Equal access to people, promotions and career advancement
    • Inconsistent communication and transparency
    • Managing work/life balance– unplugging because work/home environment is identical
    • Feeling of isolation
    • Unconscious bias that favours in-office workers
    • Impacted social life and the ability to develop work-friends
    • Overall mental health – home-life, personalities and preferences
    • Lack of new corporate processes and engagement


    • Potential for reduced trust if they can’t come to “see” the business (remote work)
    • Potential for reduced trust if the physical location shows as “small” with few employees (hybrid work)

We Help Design the Future of Work

Move from crisis-management to sustainable plan

Long-term success depends on a comprehensive strategy

Incorporating a hybrid workforce strategy will yield a flexible plan that identifies and mitigates the risks in security, privacy, health & wellness, collaboration, performance management, and physical location strategy.

A sound and intentional hybrid-work model that is designed for your organization will enable the right plan for performance management, collaboration, and security to increase productivity and effectiveness.

We can show you how to optimize people and operational costs through increased productivity and dependable processes.

Today, flexible work arrangements are a ‘must have’ for a growing portion of the workforce but it also provides new advantages for organizational growth and sustainability.

- Establish new performance management processes
- Enhance recruiting outcomes
- Nurture employee engagement
- Provide training in new processes and policies
- Support health and wellness
- Increase productivity
- Reduce costs
- Support change management
- Determine new metrics
- Deliver workspace planning
- Updated policies and procedures
- Security and privacy
- Business continuity
- Compliance
- Tools for a hybrid model
- Cyber-security
- Technology infrastructure
- Records management

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