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SCG Hybrid Work Solutions

We help organizations successfully transition into the future of work

Whether your organization has committed to a hybrid work model or is still struggling with the merits of transitioning to one, there is no going back.

Sooner or later, every organization that employs knowledge-based workers will have to adopt some form of hybrid work model to remain competitive in terms of talent acquisition, cost effectiveness and profitability.

SCG helps organizations successfully transition into the future of work.

What is Hybrid Work?

Hybrid work is a workplace model that blends in-office and remote work. When done well, these models offer flexibility and support to employees. Hybrid employees typically enjoy more autonomy and an improved work/life balance which results in a more engaged workforce. Employees also see benefits from a more productive, healthy, and loyal workforce.

Choosing to implement a hybrid workplace is not a simple formula or solution for all workplace challenges. Success depends on a strategic approach that considers many aspects of human resources, employee equity, collaboration, and staff engagement.

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The Workplace Has Forever Changed

An Unprecedented Global Transformation

Remote work has been around for many years but the COVID pandemic forced organizations to adopt this model practically overnight. The outcomes revealed many challenges and opportunities that will impact the future of work.

Organizations that were able to continue to operate with a remote workforce during the pandemic discovered both benefits and challenges to virtual collaboration. Some recognized that this was a game changer in terms of productivity and cost savings. Some felt it created too much risk to the organization in terms of deliverables and culture.

Employees too, discovered benefits and challenges with their new remote work arrangement. Some discovered the increased flexibility and no commute enhanced their work life balance without reducing productivity. Some recognized that the lack of physical interaction with coworkers impacted their social and professional growth.

The Normalization of Hybrid Work

There is an overwhelming amount of research (GallupForbesCapgemini, HRB, and more) that demonstrates that a transformational shift has occurred, and that hybrid work has become both an opportunity for employers and an expectation for employees. These statistics demonstrate that hybrid work is no longer an option for many companies if they want to remain productive, competitive and cost effective.

“83% of workers would prefer a hybrid work model in the future.”

“Companies save $11,000 per year per part-time remote worker, on average.”

“59% of employees are more likely to choose an employer that offers remote work opportunities over one that doesn’t.”

“81% of companies say collaboration on new projects has been as good or better in a hybrid/remote work environment.”

“58% of the employees say that their productivity increased by hybrid work.”

``36% of companies said that customer satisfaction increased with hybrid work.``

A Successful Hybrid Work Outcome

Whether an organization has adopted a hybrid model or is still doubtful of its merit and value, it is important to know that success is dependent on ensuring new processes, polices and technologies will meet the needs of everyone. In the absence of knowledge and a sound plan, transforming how an organization operates is disruptive and full of risk.

Gaps or partial implementations could have significant ramifications to staff, management and profitability. A comprehensive approach can position a hybrid work transition for success.

Outcomes for a comprehensive hybrid work initiative include:

We Help Design the Future of Work

Be confident that nothing has been missed

Long term success depends on a comprehensive strategy

SCG will help design a flexible plan that identifies and mitigates the risks in security, privacy, health & wellness, collaboration, performance management, and determining your physical location strategy.

We work collaboratively with you to:

  • Determine the hybrid work model that will best fit the needs of your staff and the organization.
  • Integrate your existing technologies, processes and frameworks to minimize disruption and maintain operations.
  • Help your organization in the transition to a new hybrid work model

We are partners in your success and we can help position you for new successes.

Learn more about our approach.

Human Resources

  • Performance Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Health & Wellness
  • Recruiting & Retention
  • Work Culture
  • Training


  • Productivity Metrics
  • Workspace Planning
  • Change Management
  • Policies and Procedures

Information Technology

  • Cybersecurity
  • Technology Infrastructure<.li>
  • Records Management

Risk Management

  • Security and Privacy
  • Business Continuity
  • Compliance

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SCG Hybrid Work Solutions

Designing the Future of Work

Whether you have just begun to explore a hybrid workplace model or want to make sure your existing hybrid model is optimized for both your business and your staff, we can help.

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