One Size Does Not Fit All

We work with you to build the best hybrid solution tailored to your organizational goals

A successful hybrid work solution needs to consider the many factors unique to your organization.  These include:

  • Your industry
  • Your processes
  • Your deliverables
  • Your organizational structure
  • Your technology
  • Your culture
  • Your goals
  • Your leadership

SCG takes all these elements into consideration when tailoring a hybrid work solution to help your organization succeed.

Many hybrid work solutions providers only look at technological or process factors, but a comprehensive solution needs to address all the elements unique to an organization.


The SCG Hybrid Work Advantage

SCG recognizes that no two organizations are the same in terms of leadership, culture, processes, location and goals. This is what sets us apart from other hybrid work providers; we are specialists who are true partners in our client’s hybrid work journey to achieving increased profitability, a healthy culture and future ready sustainability tailored to everyone’s needs and goals.

We employ experts and partners who are working on cutting edge technologies and applying hybrid best practices to ensure our clients can transform their organization and measure progress.

SCG ensures hybrid work success by:

  • Building off your current processes, technology, culture, policies, etc.
  • Delivering hybrid work solutions tailored to your organizational goals and needs
  • Continuously monitoring and assessing staff engagement and providing solutions to grow and maintain organizational health and culture
  • Designing and implementing the best solution through collaboration, communication and training with staff and management
  • Focusing on organizational efficiency, effectiveness and productivity
  • Leveraging hybrid work domain expertise and best practices – it’s all we do
  • Providing flexible options to incrementally implement new processes and methodologies

Hybrid work is here to stay but is continually evolving, and that’s great because it’s one of the few times that good practice benefits everyone – staff, management and clients.

SCG Solutions Tailored To Your Organization

SCG looks at the critical functions of your business to mitigate risk and position your company for success.

Some of the questions we can help with include:

Collaboration and Engagement

  • Which are the right tools and techniques to keep work and teams coordinated and moving forward?
  • What are the processes and “rules of engagement” to ensure staff and management are healthy, engaged, productive and effective?
  • What is the best leadership framework to ensure all staff have the support, equity and opportunity to succeed, grow and contribute?
  • What are the strategies to determine when best to bring people together in person?

Performance Management

  • How will current performance management processes need to evolve to include hybrid work?
  • Which processes will work best for both employers and employees?
  • What processes are in place to provide the support for staff to remain engaged and productive?

Technology Strategy

  • Which technologies can integrate with current systems while supporting hybrid work needs?
  • What is the right ecosystem of hardware and software to keep everyone productive, efficient and effective regardless of where and when they are working?
  • Which new technologies would benefit staff work, engagement and collaboration?

Office Space Strategies

  • How do I structure and schedule office space to accommodate hybrid workers without it being complicated or confusing?
  • What tools or processes are available to help me design and manage shared office space?

Workforce Planning

  • What is the optimal flexible work arrangement to attract and retain the best talent?
  • Which roles will flourish in a hybrid work environment?
  • What is the ideal mix of in-office/ remote scheduling for your organization?

Change Management

  • Are there processes in place to gather information from and communicate actions to all staff in a timely fashion?
  • Are there channels in place for questions, concerns and feedback?
  • Are all staff informed, prepared and onboard with a new hybrid work model?
  • Which communication channels work best to be proactive and effective?

Security and Privacy

  • What policies, tools and processes need to be in place to protect the security of information outside of the office?
  • What policies and guidelines need to be in place to respect the privacy and work/life balance of employees while they are working remotely?

Culture and Leadership Strategies

  • How do I make sure that employees feel connected to my organization’s culture?
  • How do I maintain and improve collaboration and relationships?
  • How do I make sure my employees feel they have the support and opportunities they need to be successful?
  • How do I make sure work processes are not disrupted in a hybrid work environment?
  • How do I ensure meetings are strategic and useful?
  • How do I make sure all employees feel included and productive?

We help design the future of work

Whether you have just begun to explore a hybrid workplace model or want to make sure your existing hybrid model is optimized for both your business and your staff, we can help.

We draw from our years of consulting experience, the latest research, and industry expertise to ensure that every one of our clients gets the solution that is best for them.