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A Health Check For Your Hybrid Work Strategy

You have been using hybrid work for a while now but want to remove any doubts about whether there might be risks you haven’t addressed or opportunities you aren’t taking advantage of.

Our SCG Hybrid Work Guided Assessment is designed for organizations like yours, committed to optimizing their hybrid work strategy.

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How the Guided Assessment Works

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Once you have provided your information and payment for the assessment, you will receive access to a questionnaire.  You will also receive a link to schedule time with one of our consultants to guide you through the form.  While our consultants will not be in a position to provide answers to the questions, we can clarify intent of the questions and things you might want to consider as you answer.

Answer all the questions (you will be able to save and resume later) and submit the form.

Receive updates as we conduct our analysis

As we analyze the questionnaire you submit – typically taking a couple of business days – we may contact you to request clarification or additional information.  We will also provide you with short progress updates (unless you opt out of this communication).

Schedule a review of your results

Once we have completed our analysis we will send you a link which you can use to schedule a one-hour session to review your results.

What is contained in your report

The report you receive will include:

  • A ‘radar diagram’ showing which hybrid work capabilities your organization is strong in, and which may require attention.
  • A risk map depicting where your greatest risk is.
  • A risk register with formal risk statements for your most critical risks and recommended strategy (accept, avoid, mitigate, or transfer).
  • High level recommendations for next steps on your hybrid work journey.

After this review, your report will be available for download from a secure client portal for 30 days.

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Don't discover your risks AFTER it's too late!

In the dynamic world of hybrid work, stagnation is not an option. With our SCG Hybrid Work Guided Assessment, you’re making an investment in your organization’s future. You’re embracing efficiency, adaptability, and innovation.

Don’t let your current hybrid work strategy put you at risk; know how and where it can evolve, adapt, and thrive. Contact us today to begin to enhance your hybrid work implementation, minimize risks, and maximize benefits.


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